Tuesday, July 21, 2009

80% off Restaurant.com certificates

What do these three places have in common? Well one of my *faithful* readers sent me a link today with a promotion for restaurant.com (see post below for explanation) where all certificates are 80% off! The code (enter at checkout) is NAPKIN and runs through 7/28.

I spent $4.40 and got 4 certificates:
- $10 to Kooky Canuck (have to spend $15)
- $10 to Sekisui Pacific Rim (have to spend $20)
- $10 to Molly's La Casita (have to spend $15)
- $25 to Ronnie Grisanti's (have to buy 2 entrees worth $35 total)

So total I've gotten $55 worth of food for $4.40. What makes these deals good is if you get the certificates to places you'd go anyway without one. I picked places we routinely go or want to go and will use these then - not in addition to our regular habits. Also to make sure you're saving money, we carefully calculate what we need to order to make sure we are not overspending (some people might see the coupon and say - hey, since we've got it, let's get dessert, even if they don't normally do so). The smaller denomination coupons help too because we can easily spend 20$ at pacific rim and have a decent meal, where if we got the next size up, the $25 coupon - we'd have to spend $50 which for two people is hard.

Go enter your zip code at restaurant.com and see if there are fun restaurants near you!

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