Sunday, July 12, 2009

Blog confession.

Quick note here - you may notice I went ahead and listed some of the blogs I read regularly on the side here... See the thing is, many of these people don't even know I read their blog! I was embarrassed for a bit to admit this but I have a blog habit. I absolutely love reading other people's blogs. I am just insanely curious about people in general and love reading their thoughts. Even people that I don't know well, I find what they choose to write in their blog fascinating. I have a routine when I get home from work where I sit down, read the news, facebook, and then go and read the newest posts on all "my blogs." It just really relaxes me to read what people blog about, from foodies to shopaholics. I have some blogs I read that are witty, some are personal, and some are professional. I truly enjoy reading the blogs and if you're reading this, I just may be reading your blog without you knowing it! So thanks!

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