Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muddy's Cupcakes. Budget Eating? Yes.

I've had a serious sweet tooth lately. I don't for a long time and then I get one, go into overload, then calm down for a few more months. During my daily internet adventure, I love reading Muddy's blog (linked on the right) and it has made me absolutely CRAVE a cupcake. Now, as you know, I've been trying to save money. So how does a cupcake save you money? Well..

Not only is Muddy's a delicious stop for cupcakes (and cakes, pies, and more) but the ambiance is so delightful. Since Jake and I are cutting back on eating out, going to movies, and shopping, our social lives have taken a bit of a hit. Sitting around this house gets a bit old. So a creative solution is instead of having dinner dates with people, have dessert dates! Muddy's is adorable and there are a few tables to sit and enjoy your fare - you can get coffee in a cute unique coffee mug too.

So maybe Jake and I will go have a date at Muddy's soon? Spending 3$ on two cupcakes sure beats dining out! And in true Memphis fashion, Kat - Miss Muddy's herself, is a friend of a friend so even though I don't know her, I feel like I should support her business. She isn't much older than me and runs her on business. I am very impressed (and jealous!).

My favorite flavor cupcakes are the Grasshopper, Pink Lady, and Frankly Scarlett but I like to branch out as well. Jake gets the Cookies and Cream one (I can't remember its clever name...). I encourage you to take a dessert date out to save some money when going out with friends!

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