Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pantry Cooking

I posted last week about recipes that are made entirely out of things from your pantry - I call this pantry cooking. It saves time and money since you're not running to the store for ingredients, you use up what you already have. Our kitchen doesn't have much food storage area but in our next house (next being in 5 or more years... we've got a while) I want to have a walk in pantry where I can have one of every single spice I'd need, noodles, rice, chicken broth, etc on hand for whenever I need it. Even now we have established a pretty good stock pile of "regulars" - Parmesan cheese (we like to grate it), lemons, red wine vinegar, olive oil, canned tomatoes, etc.

Cooking Light has an entire part of their recipes devoted to Quick and Easy 5-ingredient recipes, usually involving things you'd already have.

This one is a chicken with cider and bacon sauce.

I know Jake will like this - Fig and Blue Cheese stuffed Pork.

I love asparagus - this is a Roasted Asparagus with Balsamic Browned Vinegar.

(all images taken from Cooking Light)

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