Thursday, July 23, 2009

Don't ever buy full price at Macy's!

I absolutely love Macy's Department Store. I do not, however, like their prices. And here's why - everything is overpriced. And on top of that, their stuff goes on sale it seems like every other week! We registered there and so I had a fair amount of money left over, half in gift cards and half in "star rewards" money. When you register there, anytime someone buys something for you off your registry there, you get a percentage to spend at Macy's. We had already spent a lot of our gift cards back in February and finally decided what to get with our last little bit of money. It was honestly so much fun because we only had a set amount and wanted to see how much we could get with that amount. Jake and I went on Monday to scope it out and nothing was on sale - the sales lady told us not to buy anything that night and instead come back on Thursday (today) because everything was going on sale PLUS I would get 20% off since I was registered there.

So I went back today and ended up racking up. I am so proud of myself! We were blessed to get so many awesome gifts at the wedding that have really been put to good use. I am amazed at how supportive and generous our friends and family were! People ask what my favorite gift was and honestly I have about 10 different answers. I really loved everything.

A picture of what we got today. Jake has been wanting a griddle for our stove so he can make pancakes and grilled cheese. So, I indulged his wishes and got him one. We also got a commercial steamer - I don't always have time to iron and a steamer just makes things look a little better in lieu of a good iron. We got an 8 quart 3 piece stainless steel pot, good for steaming veggies and boiling a whole bunch of noodles, and 2 of the bowls to my china pattern. Now to tell you how much I saved!!

Originally 74.99 , I got it for 31.99

Originally 79.99, I got it for 23.99

8 quart Pot:
Originally 159.99, I got it for 63.99

Bowls (2):
Originally 43.00 a piece, I got them for 20.64

So, total I saved $239.72 today. All by waiting until things went on sale - thus, why you should not buy full price at Macy's.. because a week later, it will all be on sale!

This is our wedding china we picked out - we got an every day china as well that I love. We wanted something that was traditional but a bit on the unique side because I've got some china already that is more traditional than this that I've inherited. I absolutely love our china!!

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