Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Adventures of Tyson the Kitty

See how big he has gotten? He's saying "Hi".
He really likes to play inside people's bags - here he is trying to go to the pool with me.
And now he wants to go to school with Jake...
And last, but not least, he really likes watching baseball. Also when we're playing a video game, he sits right in front of the TV and bats at the Tv.

When we adopted Tyson, I was excited about finally having a cat. Little did we know we'd be getting one fiesty dude. Tyson is cute but hyper, one minute is cuddly and the next bites your arm, and bounds from couch to couch at high speeds. He has a lot of personality, which I think goes with my theory that Jake and I attract freaks for animals. He is growing more and more every day. When we got him, he was so tiny and scared and now he is getting to be a big fatty! He is going on for his big surgery next Wednesday (claws and the "boys") and I'm hoping he'll come away from it ok... He is a funny little guy.

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