Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A review or two.

Review #1: Tonight, Jake and I had another budget meal. This one was chicken (again - thanks to Jake's mom!) and green beans. We got a package of microwaveable green beans from the grocery store. They are my favorite because they are quick and taste great. These, however, were a bit odd. We tried out these new ones from Kroger that had a tab of sauce in the bottom that was solid and would melt when you microwaved. They had little yellow potatoes in there was well. The green beans and potatoes are good but the sauce, a "garlic chive mix" tasted more like old broccoli. It was odd. The chicken, however, was great. We put a durkee sauce on it (White Wine) and pan cooked it. It held the flavor really well and tasted awesome. I'd recommend it for any budget meal!

It was the "Grill Creations Marinade - White Wine and Herb". Look for it in the grocery store!

Review #2: Cafe Eclectic. Jake and I had to run over to my parents' house tonight and decided to try out Cafe Eclectic's bakery. My mom had gone and said that their cupcakes were amazing and since you know I'm a faithful Muddy's fan, I had to go and see if this was the case - to scope out the competition of course. We arrived, took a seat at the bar, and checked out the dessert menu. Jake ended up getting a cupcake and I got a sundae. We looked at the regular menu too to see what they offer. It had a good ambiance, less "eclectic" than the name might imply and more just chill. They had some great pressed tin art on the walls and dim lighting. My sundae was great but too much sugar - I have a belly ache now! Jake loved his cupcake and said it was less sugary than Muddy's (something he appreciates, not being too much of a sweets fan). I have heard rumblings that the recipe is similar for these two places and according to our taste test, this was not the case. Cafe Eclectic DOES charge 25cents more for their cupcake though- just a warning.

We'll be heading back for lunch soon because they had a hot dog "N'awlins" style that Jake eyed - Nathan's hot dog with ramaloude on top and also they had a patty melt he was interested in. The prices were reasonable too. We could easily have one of our date night outs there without breaking the bank. It is right in the area of my old stomping grounds and I'd love it if this place became a neighborhood establishment for good. I can picture us moving back into Midtown and walking down the street for some coffee from Cafe Eclectic for years to come.

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Amy Dale (Amy Cox) said...

cafe eclectic is amazing.


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