Saturday, July 11, 2009

Budget Shopper - my new title.

So as you faithful blog reader(s) have noticed, the trend lately for me is saving money. I'm lucky in that the time in which I've got to be the most conscientious about money is the time when most everyone else does too. I've never considered myself to be lavish about money before but I definitely was one that wouldn't think twice about getting a dessert/appetizer with meals, buying clothes because they were "cute", etc. If the point in our lives where we had no money was in a boom when everyone else had a lot, I might get really depressed - but the thing is, being frugal is "in." It is great! Stores are on sale majorly, the recipe sites have "meals for under 3$ a person" advertised. It makes life a lot easier... because saving money is hard work.

As part of my new goal in life as a budget shopper, I'm posting a picture of tonight's outfit. We went to dinner with Jake's fam for Caroline's 17th birthday. We went to Sekisui Pacific Rim and it was a lot of fun. For a night out with family, I needed a cute outfit, of course. Normally I would just pick the newest thing I had in the closet. Having not gone shopping lately, though, I had to be creative from my closet and this is what I came up with! Check out the bargains I have invested in over the past few months:

top: Ann Taylor Loft - originally 24.50, I got it for 9.99
skirt: Ann Taylor Loft - originally 60.00ish, I got it for 19.99
shoes: Payless - 15$

This outfit is trendy but the pieces could be matched so many different ways - with a white cardigan for work, the shirt with jeans for a day with friends, the skirt with a button up for a work meeting. I probably should have worn a necklace or something but I'm not good at acccesorizing with jewelry - plus dangly earrings would have been cute but can't wear earrings since my hole ripped!

Next in the budget shopper series, I'll tell you about our budget friendly meals we'll be cooking!

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Mollie said...

I love your budget shopping tips!


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