Friday, July 17, 2009

I know this video is old news to many of you (it circulated emails a few months ago) but I just revisited the video when playing around on youtube and forgot how much I love it! The premise of it is that there is a movement going on where there will be a time/place posted online and dancers will assemble, learn a dance, and then go "flash rave" style perform it in a mall, train station, etc. I think it is fascinating! I would definitely be down for that.

Now the bigger issue here from an academic standpoint takes me back to a class I had last summer. My professor for our Geography of Popular Culture class had a series of lectures arguing the demise of social interaction because of the internet. He said that genuine social contact was going to fail because we're all attached to this "online" world that is out of touch with reality. While I see how that could happen, this video above is perfect evidence that quite the contrary is occurring - that rather than isolating people, the internet is bringing people together that would otherwise never interact.

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