Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Day Six: San Francisco

Day Six of our trip. This day revolved around the need to go to the Apple Store since Ezra's iPod Touch broke (which may or may not have involved some excessive rough-housing). Luckily, the Apple Store was within walking distance and located in Union Square. And oddly enough, we probably wouldn't have gone to Union Square but it was one of the highlights of the trip so I'm glad his iPod had "technical difficulties". 

We started out walking towards Chinatown. We browsed through Chinatown, saw the sights (and smells), and tried to scout out places to return for lunch and souvenirs.  
 We soon wandered from Chinatown to Union Square. I think I found home. Any store you could think of was here:
We went in to the two story (!) Apple Store and then went over to Crate and Barrel. I had never been inside one and with my recent obsession with home goods (recent being since I'm a "grown up" now), I knew it was a must. We checked out all three stories (!!) of Crate and Barrel, salivating over everything and making plans for our million dollar break so we could fill our house with all of it:

 After spending an obscene amount of time in C&B, we went to lunch at R&G in Chinatown. This came by recommendation of Jake's dad as well as our guide book. We knew it was a good spot because it seems to be frequented by SF businesspeople and Chinese folk alike. It was also a little less.... shady? than other places in the area. 

We got a table immediately and ordered some family style dishes. First out was the salt and pepper fried crab:
It stared at me the whole meal...

The rest of the food came out shortly. I made sure to get the R&G special beef, which was recommended by the guide book. It was a good choice. If you go there and want to know what we got, we also got the lemon chicken, kung pao chicken, fried rice and duck noodle bowl. 
 If you're in SF and want authentic Chinese, check it out.
 We then headed up towards Grace Cathedral. On the way, we were determined to find Ellen's house for art school. Turns out it wasn't too hard, as it is a block from Grace Cathedral. 

We scoped out Ellen's house, which is sort of an apartment/dorm/hostel thing. The building is BEAUTIFUL and is located on California Street right by Chinatown, Union Square, Russian Hill, and Nob Hill. It is an ideal location. Here's some pics:
 (in homage to Ellen, an artsy pic of her house and her street name)

It isn't leaning - the street is just THAT steep. Isn't the building COOL?
 Ellen's view. 

I contemplated going inside and asking for a tour but was told that was "creepy." Probably so.

We then went the next block or so to Grace Cathedral, the 3rd largest Episcopal church in the country. It was gorgeous and a very special place. We got a tour led by a docent.
On the way back, I snapped this stereotypical SF pic:

Then Jake and I sat out on the patio area of our hotel for some time before Jake realized he was having an allergic reaction to something (maybe the crab? hope not) and had to go inside.... he was bright red and itchy all over. But before that, nice relaxing time on the patio:

So maybe not an ideal end to Day Six... but I did get to watch a lot of TV (which never happens at home) while poor Jake was hot and itchy. 

Day Seven is next - our last full day of vacation. Muir Woods and a fancy dinner!

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Hilary Dow Ward said...

Larger than GC, would that be St. John The Divine and National Cathedral? I'm guessing so.


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