Saturday, August 7, 2010

Trolley Stop Market

Trolley Stop Market on Madison in the Medical Center district is all the rage right now - and rightfully so. They've got locally grown products in their food, their pizza is ridic, and the ambiance is right on. Jake and I have been twice. The first time, it was for dinner and there weren't too many people there. This past time though, there was a HUGE crowd. It was lunch and the place was packed. They had added several of sections of tables since we came the first time and their local produce stands were moved out of the way. 

For dinner they have a set menu that changes each night (or you can order a pizza) but for lunch they have a ton of hot sandwiches, sides, a meat/2sides plate, or a veggie plate. Everything looked delicious. 

In addition, they have all sorts of fun crafts made by local artists. Jake and I were eyeing the pieces of folk art after our friends Hez and Ed got theirs of cotton fields. We ended up waiting and getting a piece this time, which I love (and LOVED the $35 price tag):

1 comment:

Hilary Dow Ward said...

I think it looks like a little country church. Love the red too!


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