Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do this: ARTjamN Memphis

I love a good Groupon. So a while back, when the Groupon for Memphis was for a half-off session at ARTjamN, you better believe I went for it. A friend emailed around and got a group set up and we booked a date. The time came for our art session and let me tell you - we had a blast!

The deal with ARTjamN is that there are three guided paintings to pick from. She supplies all the materials and helps you create it. You can bring food and drinks. There are places like this all around the country, but this one is locally owned and in Cooper-Young. 

ARTjamN has a cool vibe to it. You walk in and she sets you up at an easel. You pick your painting and she starts instructing you step by step. (Ed, there in the background, bucked the rules and decided to free-style):
I chose the poppies - which starts with a dark background. My background was a dark chocolate brown:
Then the instructor had me paint my yellow on top of the brown (it took two coats):
Once that was complete, it was time for the poppies. She had a great technique involving the bottom of a plastic cup to get that circular shape. (You can see Hez and Christy in the background going at their poppies too)
After making the poppies, we added centers and stems, then did some artistic touches. Here's my poppy product:
And Christy, with her preppy poppies:
There were a few other groups with us and one group was working on the M-bridge (which I definitely want to do next time):
In all, the project took about 2.5 hours and it was a great time to socialize with friends. It would be a fun idea for a birthday party, a (tame) bachelorette party, etc. The instructor was SO nice and easy to work with and we had a lot of fun!!!

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Artsy Fartsy said...

Your blog is so cute! I did the ArtJamn thing too and also chose the poppies! They are blooming year round in my craft nook - they make me happy, and I hope yours do too!

Unknown said...

Thanks! I need to hang them and just can't decide! It was so fun.


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