Wednesday, March 16, 2011

House Tour: New Pillows and Arrangement for the LR

After buying Manny the sectional with our Craig's List money, we needed to move the couch into the living room to reunite it with the matching loveseat. We had two slipper chairs in there that we bought for the space - I blogged about them back here (and I was so proud to get them but now they are just not working for me) and the living room looked like this before the ole' switcheroo:
 We posted those chairs on Craig's List and got about 20 calls within two days. We ended up selling them for about half of what we paid, which in furniture speak is pretty good after two years, two dogs, and some fading. That money, added to some we made off some barstools for the kitchen project that we didn't use, meant I had some spending money. 

 Once we put the new couch in, I knew I needed new pillows - I only had two for the room (which aren't even pictured in the picture above) and needed more. So my mom and I went on the Great Pillow Hunt of 2011 (ironically, about a year after the Great Pillow Hunt of 2010, in which I ventured to Pier One with Hilly). 

We started at T. J. Maxx where we found something else exciting but no good pillows. On the way out (where we had so much loot the manager had to help us load it into our car), I mentioned we should stop at Ross, which was just down the street. I hadn't been in a Ross since college and had never visited this particular location, but it was worth a shot. 

Well I'm darn glad we did! First of all - ladies. The dresses. I got supppper cute dresses for suuupppperrr cheap. You have to dig but isn't that a part of the fun? After browsing the dresses aisle, I made my way to the pillow section. And wouldn't you know they had just the thing? For $7.99 a piece. No lie. Down inserts. Perfect colors. 

The pillows:
 The back one is sort of a mossy/minty green like the carpet although the picture doesn't reflect that.
 The back one in this picture is one of the two that I already had - I like that these are the same color but different textures/patterns. Similar but different. 

And now the room, with the new layout and pillows:
A bit different - I miss the simplicity of the before but I like the complete feel of the after. The room actually feels larger and we'll use it more. 

And of course, an obligatory picture of my puppy:
In cleaning this house bit by bit,
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Hilary Dow Ward said...

Yes yhis looks great! I like the couches together-good move!


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