Saturday, February 4, 2012

One New Year house goal down: art.

I blogged my "house goals" for the year back in early January. The first one was to change out the generic IKEA art work in my dining room. Well, as they say, mission accomplished. One goal down. Scratch that off the list.

It involved a little etsy hunting and a little crafting but I took this:
and made it this:
 Here's our dining room in full (by the way, the color reads really bright in these pictures, it is more of a straw color...):
 So the two switches I made - the first was the three picture frame by the den. I switched it out for this adorable canvas print of San Francisco I found on etsy. I'm pretty obsessed with it. The print is by Laura Amiss and here's her etsy. She does canvas prints (they have felt sewn on!) as well as prints you can frame. I want to grow my collection and have a whole wall of them!!
 The other change I made, I blogged about back here. I replaced the IKEA prints in the Ribba frames from IKEA with a map I cut into three pieces. All the details are in the post linked above, but the total cost of the project was about $15, which was the map+tax.  Here are the map pieces being cut:

And a close up once on the wall (incidentally, that wall color is actually much closer to what it really is):

And now, the view down the side of the dining room with my unique, individual pieces instead of generic but cute IKEA-stuff.

So there it is. Goal One. Dunzo. So glad to add a bit more character to our house. Both of those choices have meaning - the maps for my profession and the canvas print as a nod to our fun family trip to San Fran. I've been getting big on "intentional decorating" and not just throwing stuff in the house.. I think this is a step in the right direction.

In checking things off the goal list,
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Allison said...

I got one of Laura's for Christmas! This one: I love her! Good find! They add such a great pop of color and uniqueness to a room. I love how they are already on canvas.

Unknown said...

Allison! Great minds think alike! I love her prints - I agree, especially that they are already on canvas. I really like her "I was different" one: but gotta save up those pennies:)


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