Friday, March 2, 2012

{House}: Exterior Project

Back in January I set some home goals. I've already completed one and I'm making headway on two and three. Goal number 5 was to finally do some of the exterior renovations that I've been blogging about for our house.

Recently we had our contractor come and start to get quotes on the things we want to do. Consider these our "befores"....

1) Replace the front door with a Craftsman style door, painted a dark deep turquoise. Our existing door is 50's fabulous:

2) Fix the damage to the porch  - the tiles have slowly fallen off due to moisture. In addition, the roofline has some damage on the siding (those black spots).

3) Add posts instead of the wrought iron.

3) Our storm window has been broken on our picture window out front since we moved in. It actually wasn't broken during the inspection but was on move in day, but that is a whole other story...

We are going to replace the window with a new double-paned energy efficient window instead.

I've been looking for inspiration for the color of the front door and this bottle of spray paint I have on hand is the closest I have come to being about to portray what I want:

If you'd like to follow my exterior renovation design process, I've been collecting inspiration pictures over at Pinterest on my exterior reno page. Right now our plan of attack is:

- New front door
- New window
- Fix broken porch
- Add posts/railing
- Fix siding damage

Hopefully I'll be back with an update in a few weeks for the first stage!

In wrought-iron-less houses,
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